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- Where is this place? What just happened?
- Master, you've gt to ask this question to the magic book in your hands.
- Gibbs? You... you can suddenly talk? Oh God. This is shocking. I'm lost for..unbelievable.
- I'm also nit sure. After i came with you to this world, i learnt how to talk. After i awoke i found the horse is also staying with us. Master, don't mind the horse for now. We've got problems. There's people in trouble over there.

Puzzle & Knight hack

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When you can see this sentence, it means that you have the qualification to study this magic book. You will become the owner of this book, it will give all its knowledge to you. Magic rule: horizontal and vertical slashes are connected into 3 composites; arbitrary drag, exchange character. Target: synthetise monster in blue form.
These are the outskirts of the Green forest kingdom. I am deer warriors from the green forest kingdom. If there are any problems regarding magic, i think owl wizard can help you.

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After each level of the current chapter is over, the board will be retained to the next level. After the level is over, the few monsters with the highest combat power will be retained to the next level! The higher the protagonist level, the more monsters are retained. Direct drag consume steps. Limited steps summons more monsters.
When some characters make a promise to you, you can borrow their power through the magic of this book. The more they approve of you, the more power you can borrow.
Puzzle & Knight wiki
Advantages: roles deal up to an additional 25% damage to certain occupations. Tank - enters a collision state during the war, causing 150% damage and repels the first unit of contact and another unit (priority warrior) within a specific range. Can not collide with units higher than their own shape. Meat shield units will not be repelled.
Warrior - in a war, rushes to the nearest striker unit and causes 150% damage. Can be disarmed by a meat shield unit and released.
Archer - the first attack will deal 150% damage.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Reference the enemy's power help you decide how to summon the monsters.
  • The boss stage - it will be waves of monsters.
  • Occasionally you will acquire magical items that will strengthen the magical bond between you and these creatures, allowing you to borron more of their power.
  • You can pray to many creatures through specific magical rituals. When some souls are happy, they may respond to your prayers and borrow to gice you more of their power.

Puzzle & Knight tips
Hack cheats tutorial Puzzle & Knight(wiki):
Your strength and character are recognized by another creature. He will make a contract with the magic bookmark in your hand and agree that you can use his power to fight.
Complete a puzzle to determine the strength of your team. This is the most important part. Your wisdom and tactical acumen determine the outcome of the fight. But, I believe victory always belongs with the knights! C’mon!
Puzzle & Knight tutorial

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