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Match at least 3 jewels of the same color. The firing rope is a timer. It starts counting after your first move. You can continue to make moves until the timer runs out. Match the jewels as much as you can in your turn. You will get additional time after each match. The more jewels you clear, the higher the attack you will deliver. Now show us what you've got!

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hack Puzzle Warrior Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Boss round: defeat the boss to win the battle. You have mastered the basic combat skill, it's time to choose a leader: flame, earth, arctic hero. Tap cards to assign a hero to your team. The leader skill of the hero in the central position is active to boost team's ability.

cheat Step #2: Tap the flag on the map to start a battle. Match 5+ jewels of the same color to create a power jewel. To attack all the enemies in your turn, you cna use the power jewels.
Click castle to check out more features. Click hero packs to use gems or tokens to summon new heroes. Tap on a vacancy in the team to assign a new hero.

code Step #3:Win the battle with 3 stars to earn additional rewards. The number on the bottom indicates enemy's attacking turns. Tap to select a target. Your heroes will attack it first. Clear the jewels of that same color of a hero to charge it's skill power. Use the skill when it is fully charged. Tap the hero to unleash the skill.

Puzzle Warrior Step #4: You can also press and hold the card to have a view.Each affinity deals double damage against a certain affinity, and half damage to another. Check the affinity graphic by tapping the pause button in the upper right corner.

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  • 2. To win the battles in the puzzles, you need to improve team's power constantly.
  • 3. Having allies is important. Join a guild and support each other in the battles.
  • 4. A hero with more stats has more power. You just have one can be used. Go to edit heroes page and adjust your team.
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