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Tap at least 2 pieces of the same color to attack. keep blasting, when the enemy’s green HP bar is empty it will be defeated. Tap 4-6 pieces of the same color to form a bomb. Tap the bomb and it will fire off all the pieces around it. 7 or more pieces - form a diamond. Tap the diamond to remove all the blue. Press down on any enemy or hero to find out their stats and special skills.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): After your turn, the Fairies will try to find same colored puzzle pieces and cause a chain reaction. Each Fairy cluster causes a combo with an increasing attack multiplier. You will win recruits and food from every battle, and use these to train new heroes.
cheat, Step #2: Some victories will win you a battle item that you can use to help you in battle. To train heroes you will need recruits, food, and time. Use the 2 extra cards to level up character. You can level up heroes with any other hero cards you have, but using same colored heroes will deliver the best level up results.
Puzzles & Kingdoms code, Step #3: Tap on your charged heroes to unleash their special skill. Each enemy’s color element is shown by the circle around it. use elements to your advantage. Hit weaker elements for more damage. Every blast charges your hero’s special skill bar based on the color of the hero, when the bar is full tap the hero.
Step #4: Enemies with counter at 1 or S will attack after your next blast. You can take battle items with you into the battle, right now we only have a higher HP potion, let’s use it when we need it. Equip heroes from each color element for all blasts to count.

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