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Pyramid of Mahjong Cheats
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tools - #aFaSBuD59
treasure chest - #IRlewnoi8
booster - #hxvvKXyGQ
special reward - #XU7UwSYk5
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Pyramid of Mahjong Story
Welcome to Imenti-pehu, Architect! My name's Nefertari. Praise Hathor, whom i represent, for your safe arrival! We are happy to have you here. Vizier Irsu's mercenaries reduced our settlement to a pile of rubble. Alas, we are unable to restore it on our own. Will you lend us a hand?
Pyramid of Mahjong Basics
We’ve repaired the villa. But we'll need far more resources to restore the settlement to its former state of glory. Tap the building to enter it. Press "magnifier" to activate auto-zoom. Use "wadjet" tool to see free tiles for 10 moves. Select two identical tiles to remove them from the board. Use "oil lamp" tool to find matching tiles. Use "undo" to return tiles to the board. You've beaten the level and received a reward: gold and experience.
Combo bar - when you fill ot, you create resources for collections. match any identical tiles to fill the combo bar. The faster you play, the more resources for collections you get. Brazier cheat code can help - use it to remove 5 pairs of tile at once. Left bar - here you can see how many resources you have. Notice that resources are made out of other items. Beat the level and the resources are yours.
1. Certain special tiles can be matched even if the pictures on them are different.
2. Reward chest - in this chest, you can see how many items and other goodies you will gain after successfully completing the level.
3. No moves left? Use cheats codes, or Dice to rearrange the tiles and continue playing.
4. A collection can be assembled out of collection items. TO do this, you must find five items and combine them into the sixth. With each assembled collection, you become one step closer to acquiring rarities that will make earning rewards even easier. To assemble collections, you will also need resources like Garnet necklaces.
Many villagers have lots their homes. I sheltered some of them in my villa, but there just isn't enough space. Will you help me expand it? Complete the quests! Bring back peace and prosperity to these lands. You need to spend energy points to explore the building. If you win, you will get EP and gold coins. As it is well known, gods favor the bold.
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Pyramid of Mahjong Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date14 September 2020
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