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You can use the map to view your current position, travel quickly from location to location and check out where you have unfinished objectives. On this zoom areas you will find items that will help you solve problems. Pick up the window handle.
I’ve been working on a new flying potion, but apparently, i left the pages all over the house. i can be quite aloof sometimes.

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Use the handle on the window. Look closer to see if you can find something useful. Find all of the objects on the list to finish the puzzle. Objects written in blue require an extra step. You can use a hint to reveal a hidden object, but it will take a while to recharge.
Queen's Quest 5 wiki
You can pick up butterfly and use it to open the drawer. Some items change shape after a couple of seconds. Those are morphing items. If you don’t want to do a hidden object puzzle you can always play a memory game. There are three types of collectibles: puzzles, ghosts and wands. Indicator shows whether you have collected all the collectibles from the location.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You will be provided with the instructions for the minigame in the bottom of the screen.
  • Follow the instructions in the cookbook to create the medicine for the dragon.
  • You can always skip the minigame, but you will have to wait before the skip button is charged.
  • Join a guild to unlock world features. Work with your guild mates to complete guild dailies for rewards.
  • Collect the gold and mana produced by your factories regularly. Factories will stop producing if their items are not collected after a while.

Queen's Quest 5 tips
Hack cheats tutorial Queen's Quest 5(wiki): Casual difficulty: the hint and skip buttons recharge quickly. Active zones glimmer frequently. There is no mistake penalty in hidden object puzzles.
Locations with available actions are indicated on the map. Hidden object puzzles sparkle. A plus sign appear when there is an action available on the composite item.

Queen's Quest 5 tutorial

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