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The Empire of Haven rules a full eighth of the known world. Queen Sharyn rules Haven absolutely. Her oldest son will become king someday. Her oldest daughter is Sharyn’s sage and most trusted advisor. Queen Sharyn - your mother. She buys the loyalty of all the small nations she can reach. If they refuse her, Haven is wealthy enough to pay armies to make them her vassals. None of this concerns you. You have lived a life of comfort, hiding from the responsibilities that ever- threaten to crush you. You’ve had a peaceful life of decadence. Until today....

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First, you need to learn how to move around. Select a pot on the ground to walk there. Select objects to use them, and select chests and containers to see what is inside. Now select the door in the west wall to open it. You can see what items your character has and equip/use items by pressing the inventory button. To get items out of a box, select the box. Select the box by the north wall to get your sword. To move or equip an item, select it. Then select where you want it to go. In the inventory window, select the sword and then select the equip area to use the sword. Hold your finger on an item to see a description.

Queen's Wish The Conqueror cheats, hack codes

Combat - you and your foes will take turns. Each trun, you get several action points. Moving and using abilities or items drains these. When you run out, your turn ends. To attack a foe, select the space it is standing in. To try out one of your cool abilities, press the use ability button. Select an ability. Rest your finger on an ability to see description. Abilities use energy. Killing foes restores it. To exit combat mode, press the End combat button to the lower left. After this battle, you can bandage your wounds. In the future, to heal your wounds and restore your energy, you will need to use an inn or return to one of Haven’s forts.
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Now that you’ve made some progress, you might want to save the game. press the gear button to reach the save game window. Queen’s Wish automatically saves sometimes, but it’s wise to make your own saved games occasionally. The game will occasionally autosave itself as you wander around.
YOu will want to recruit three other characters to go with you on your adventure. Press the edit party button. Press the check mark to the right of a character to add it to your group. You can also make new characters for your roster. if you build a fort in another nation, you will be able to recruit characters from there. These will have new, special abilities.

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