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Free hack Quest Town Saga cheats code list - gold, stamina, evolve, promo ticket, tickets, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Quest Town Saga cheat world: hi there! Are you an adventurer? My name's cheat-on. Sorry to bother you, but could you help me with something? The forest monsters went on a rampage and wrecked the plaze in my town. i want to teach them a lesson, but it's kinda scary on my own. First tap the screen and drag upwards to move.

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You'll start fighting automatically with the eqyipped weapon as soon as a battle starts. Coins and treasures dropped by defeated monsters are picked up automatically, so just keep going. Skills do more damage than regular attacks and may have various special effects, too. Tap the skill icon on the bottom of the screen to use a skill on a monster.

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Using skills costs SP. But don't worry, SP recovers over time and when using regular attacks. When you have enough SP, use skills to defeat foes. See glowing red portal? That's where you fo to when you want to progress to the next area. Once you've explored an area fully, head to the portal to move on.

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There are several foes to fight. You can select the one you want to battle by tapping it. Tap the red potion icon on the bottom of the screen and recover your HP quickly. To return to town, step into the glowing portal and tap return.
I work at the adventurers' guild. Why don;t you join it too? I can't leave this town, since i've been hired to help get it fixed up. But you're free to go wherever you please. So you could track down evil monsters and take care of them. Don't forget to get your items and armor sorted before going on your next adventure.

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