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Tap on the attack icon to access the pre battle screen! Select the battle button to begin combat! Soldiers’ ultimate ability is ready to fire? When you need a little extra power, tap the ability button when it glows!
Great job! That didn’t seem to be an ordinary band of raiders. There was something diffrent about them. In defeating the enemies, you have completed a quest! Visit the castle to turn it in.

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The castle is the center of the Kingdom! We will need to build it up further if we wish to remain a force to be reckoned with! When a quest has been completed, you can turn it in for a reward by tapping on the quest list item.
Our scouts have informed me that the enemies have returned! We should recruit some additional help before heading back out! You can access the portal by tapping the button below.

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More resources required! It looks like you don’t have enough gems! Gems can be used to summon heroes at the hero portal. Cascade is a deadly rogue who specializes in stabbing bad folks in the back! Better stay on her good side! Let’s put her to work by clearing out some more enemies. You will need to add Cascade to the active team before entering combat. This can be done from the pre- battle screen. New heroes can be assigned to the team through the collection screen below.
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Each hero does bonus damage to enemies of a certain color. For example, Pyre is red and deals bonus damage us green enemies. On the other hand, he’s weak against blue enemies, and they deal extra damage to him. When you see yellow damage numbers, bonus damage has been dealth. White numbers means their attacks are weak.
Gear can be equipped through the hero collection screen. You can also drag abilities to the battlefield to target specific enemies.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Pay attention to the realm color of each hero and enemy. Attack the color you're strong against for +25$ damage.
  • Dwarves are naturally resistant to fire damage. Use that to your advantage.
  • Gear is the secret to success! Keep your blacksmith working, and check back often!
  • Don't forget, you can target abilities by dragging from the hero portrait onto the battlefield.
  • Tap an enemy portrait on your way into a dungeon to see what sort of abilities they have.
  • The whole power of players will be updated each time they go battle.

Quests & Kingdoms tips
Hack cheats tutorial Quests & Kingdoms(wiki):
In order to raise an army that can stand up to the biggest threats, we’re gonna need more weapons. Luckily for us, we just found plans for a fancy new blacksmith! Time for a little infrastructure. Select an empty building pad to view a list of currently available buildings.
Now that the blacksmith is up and running, we can start crafting with the materials you’ve found out in the field. rafting new gear items takes time. You can return to claim them later on when they are rady or use cheats hack codes.
You’ve done an excellent job in the town, and we can now turn our attention to the heart of the kingdom - the castle itself!
Quests & Kingdoms tutorial

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Upgrading the castle will allow you to upgrade all of your buildings by an additional level. Your castle must be level 4 before you can pillage other kingdoms.
Log in every day to claiming increasingly valuable rewards.
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