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Free hack Racing Wars cheats code list - upgrade, stars, gold, promo ticket, research point, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Racing Wars cheat world: so, you want to become a top street racer? I heard some promising things about you. Hold the control stick to drive. Steer left or right by moving your control stick to the sides. Fill up your destruction meter to activate Hyper mode which makes you indestructible and boosts your attacks.

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Cool, we got out! Now head on over to the dealer and get yourself geared up. Looks like you need a new car. Head on over to the dealer, he will have something for you. Dealership = explain how to buy a car and upgrade it. Before you can purchase an upgrade, you first have to research it using research points. Press and hold the highlighted research topic to spend research.

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Great, one more step and you’ve ready to go. Press the green purchase button to purchase and install the upgrade: top speed, acceleration, wheel grip, nitro and armor / attack. Earn big cash and research point rewards by finishing first. Complete daily multiplayer challenges to earn gold rewards.

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Keep improving your finish times to rise on the leaderboard. Reach the highest rank you can before the season ends. Start a racing war, be the fastest driver, complete challenges for big rewards, get your hands dirty, race and smash opponents. Congratulations, you completed the tutorial. Now head over to multiplayer for some real racing and big rewards!

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