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Free hack Radio Commander cheats code list - gold, tokens, modes, promo ticket, credits, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Radio Commander cheat world: welcome, commander! In roder to start the mission, please turn on the radio. You can do this by clicking on it or by using a shortcut button presented below.
Now you can form and send radio messages using the radio panel. To open radio panel just hold the button. To send the message and close the panel release the button. To choose a dialog option, you can click on it or use a shortcut button presented near the option.

Radio Commander hack

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After releasing the radio panel button, dialog option will be broadcasted. If you want to erase your selection use the shortcut below. Excellent. It is a good time to look at the map on your desk. To look in or out, you can click on map or use a shortcut presented below. If you want to lok around on your map, simply hold the button presented below and drag the mouse or use specific keys (default WSAD). To zoom in or out use the mouse scroll.

Radio Commander cheats android, ios hack codes

Radio Commander hack relics
You can see the representations of your units on the map, as tokens. You can also freely move, rename or delete your tokens. But keep in mind, that tokens, do not affect the situation on the battlefield in any way!
In map view, map tools are at your disposal. You can add new tokens on map, or even draw on it! To draw you can also use a shortcut P. You can also add new tokens by right clicking on map.

Radio Commander wiki
Your current objectives are always available in your headquarters panel. You can click you objectives to display their locations on map.
Alpha platoon is on its way to village. To determine the actual position of the unit, you must send the appropriate message. Open the radio panel and choose: unit>report> position, then release the radio button. You can click corresponding numbers or use shortcuts.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • As you can see, to ask for specific information, simply use the reporting group in your radio panel. For example, you can ask for unit's status report by selecting: unit>report> status.
  • Alpha Platoon is on his way, however, it will take them some time to get to destination. You can accelerate the time lapse by pressing on the ">>" icon on your clock panel.
  • To continu the operation we must wait unit Alpha platoon reaches the village.

Radio Commander tips
    Tutorial Radio Commander(wiki):
  • As you can hear, your units will call on your to deliver specific messages. Sometimes they will wait for your response. In that case, the radio icon will pulse. Answer the calls via radio panel by choosing the response message.
  • To issue a move order, open the raio panel and choose: unit>move> destination. You can use coordinates or given waypoints. To set coordinates from map simple click on it to give the location. You can also scroll through coordinated using mouse wheel.
  • The unit will inform you about any casualties and changes in situation. You can monitor the course of the clash by asking for specific reports.

Radio Commander tutorial

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