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Welcome to the Wasteland! You can use the Map menu to locate and track things you can do in the open world. As you explore, more things you can do will be added to the map. Tracking a location on the map will track it with your GPS. The GPS shows you the fastest route there while driving. There are unlocked missions and arks you can track now in the map menu. Road chokers are trade coalition road blocks that have been taken over. Clear the outpost and raise the blockers. In trade towns will find many types of traders who you can buy from and sell to. There may also be individuals who can give you information about location. Trade towns also allows you to fast travel to them using map. Intel traders sell valuable information about locations that may be of interest to you in the Wasteland. The ark chest locations contain rare upgrade items. General traders both sell any buy various common items as well as rare upgrade items such as nanotrite boosters and weapon core mods.

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Abilities and weapons found in ARKS can be upgraded. To upgrade your abilities and weapons you can find nanotrite boosters and weapon core mods in ark chests and shops. You can use these upgrade items in the menu. SOme of Marshall's projects are available from the start but others require you to unlock new tiers by leveling up his operations. You increase operations level by completing locations or activities that are tied to this ally. In Marshall's case - kill and destroy. The cyber doctor found in wellsping can assist you impermanently upgrading yoirself with augmentations. These are each purchased with a life gland, a neuronic interface, and an ark tech core. Pit stops are areas the goon squad can fill up their vehicles with stolen fuel. Destroy the all the fuel containers. Enter the mutant bash tv arena and survive the onslaught. Kill as fast and as entertaining as possible to earn a higher score. A higher score means more MBTV tokens to spend at the MBTV gift shop. To challenge yourself, you can use the optional MBTV challenge board to select different MBTV.
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