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Dragon knight – female knight who rides the Dragon, good at dragon controlling spells, has a strong melee attack power. Not only can easily draw the enemy close, and also can fly. The son of the candle maker who made candles in the village of Hortent in the west of the Vyseous kingdom. Did not systematically learn sword surgery, but rely on the power pf OPG, with ordinary sword unimaginable strange action to attck the enemy. Shansen really can not stand, so the eight basic movements of the sword surgery taught him, so that he early morning, middle and late practice 100 times. Although a little bit too radical, but through this practice, at least the sword can imitate like a decent model. Skills: Python – shoot sword wave to the ground the python like air. Forest hunter – human and elf's mixed race, good at using archery long distance sniper. Not only owns the elf's smartness, can be jumped off the ground to attack. Skill: arrow storm – to a certain range of arrows with magic arros. When Lucy briche jumps, you can adjust the shooting position.

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Frost master – strategic ability and insightful strong talented young mage. Mainly uses the remote frozen magic, but also good at other kind of magic's. He can combine magic or make use of nature, makes magic work beter. Gor simple character, but when using magic, he becomes calm and accurate. Frost hands and the use of atmospheric condensation of the third skill will freeze all enemies as a bonus. Known as the talented mage of the frost, good at wide range attacks. Freeze the enemies with snow and frost, deals out ice pricks from the land to the enemies. Skill: fold with the frozen hand Farrel with their own cold power beyond magic to frozen everything around. Frost season – to prevent the loss of magic, improve the purity of magic, enhance the power of magic. Ice spear – pierced enemy's body with ice spear pierced from the ground.

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let me introduce you basic skills control of the game. Broken puncture – use the giant sword longer than their own body to draw a big character. Hero colors have nothing to do with their quality but are based on by their skills and difficulties to playing. The more health you left after finishing dungeon the better star class rating you will obtain. Stamina will be consumed to get experience rapidly when raid scrolls are used. Skill can level up by gold coins or hack cheats code android game. The first position of formation must be dispatched a hero. Hero will upgrade when adventure group level up. Don't quict so fast when the hero's unlocked! Set them in fight formation, so that they can give out some help to you!

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