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Hi, you’ve finally come! We said we would apply for the Eden team together. I lined up first, and then he suddenly disappeared. I though you ran into a monster...didn’t expect you’d be here daydreaming. There’s no time for that! You may be asked to take on all sorts of quests after becoming an adventurer. SOme of these might be extremely dangerous. You can’t zone out, especially when fighting monsters. I’ve got you registered. But if you want to join Eden team, people ususally go to Coach Poya for testing.

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Let me tell you of the Trials one must pass to join. Due to the increased number of monster incidents, there haven’t been enough recruits for the adventurer’s guild. So eden team has been accepted as an official fighting group, which means the selection process is now more challenging. But don’t be too worried! In order to help everyone better complete the test, we provide new and unique equipment for adventurers.
Let me tell you the process. There are three trial, which you can face through me and the two coaches next to me. You can come back to me once you’ve completed them all to complete the final step and join eden team.

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The daily tasks of an adventurer include exploring the world, while also dealing with all sorts of sudden events and completing a variety of quests. There is a lot to do. Poya’s test is always so difficult, it is for your own good adventurer. This adorable, unique headwear is the ultimate reward for an adventurer, and is a benefit of being a part of Eden team that you can’t pass up! Here, i’ll give you a headwear blueprint. Choose 1 of the 2 cheat code. That’s okay, consider it a gift from Eden team, and it’s a part of the third trial. Collect all the materials required by the blueprint, and then create the headwear! Okay, time to hack one of the designs.
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Job skills: auto attack, protect party, monster targeting, thump, preparation skill, might field, rest on site. Protect party - select it so when any party mate is under monster attack, others in auto fight will go helo him/her out. If multiple party mates are under attack, or if you are also under attack yourself, it chooses to protect the nearest one.
Monster targeting - press and hold the auto fight button to load felt monsters within 20m (marked on the mini map). Select one to search and fight.

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Midgard Geographic is published by the adventurer’s guild. Many adventurers will contribute articles to it, with content related to geographic discoveries, relic investigations, monster studies, etc. It’s basically the most important magazine on the continent. new adventurers can contribute to the midgrad geographic as they gradually explore and gain skills and knowledge. besides the the contribution reward, they can also improve their reputation.
The guild just received the newest Ore camera supported by the rekenber company. The camera is driven by the power of magic ores. It can take any photo and automatically upload the photos to the HQ of the new agency. Since it’s under trial, you can get it for free! R7pgHD - jewels
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