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Game basics: tap the screen and hunt monsters. If you successfully hunt the boss monster, then you can move on the next stage. Recruit adventurers that aren’t novices to auto hunt monsters. The top menu consist of a additional DPS pet tap (tap as quickly as you can); basic damage amount - to increase this value, increase the character’s DPS. Increase your adventurers’ level to make them stronger. Heroes can learn skills ar certain levels.

Ragnarok ro click h5 hack

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DPS - the character’s damage. The higher the character’s level, the higher its DPS. There are various ways to increase hero damage. You can increase DPS by increasing character levels, use cheat codes, transcending your heroes, etc. Use emperiums and unlock the following adventurer.
Arcana the novice - don;t let the Novice name fool you. Super Novices are jacks of all trades. It just so happens that arcana’s specialty is punching monsters.

Ragnarok ro click h5 cheats, hack codes

Certain adventurers have active skills, which can be used in the skill window. Skills: Sword mastery - increases arcana the novice’s click damage by 100%. Two hand quicken - unlocks the two hand skill: automatically performs 10 clicks per second for 30 sec. Bash - increases Arcana the Novice’s DMG.
Tap the auto button to auto play stages until you lose a battle.
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The shops offer various items that are useful for playing the game. Mageanger the mage: uses elemental spells and status altering magic to defeat anyone in this way. Lela the archer - she’s archery skills are known throughout all of rune Midgard. Randi the merchant - an expert in buying, selling, and trading. No one else is better at making profit from any business venture.

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