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Resonance/Essence Guide: today let's talk about resonance, hope you will like my little guide. It's additional stats to boost your heroes CP, it also includes your essence. I recommend to get at least 3 red, green or blue heroes for the additional stats. Just try to mix and match depending on your deck our goal here is to get the additional stats.
5 heroes on same faction has a big additional stats, but it has a down side you will be needing a lot of fodders on same faction to be able to star up your heroes.
Element aura focuses on your heroes element together with your essence. I have 4 jakk which is fire element and orc hero a earth element, so we need more 2 fire and 2 earth elements we will be getting them through are essence.
Just try to experiment your element aura depending on your heroes elements to be able to obtain a lot of additional stats.

Ragnarok Tactics Hint, hack cheat code:
Essence aura is based on retinues not on your heroes always upgrade your epic and legendary essence the rare one is up to you.
Always do your daily quest to be able to obtain a lot of upgrading materials for your essence. Always add active friends for friendship flower. Always do your friend treasure for essence of Morroc golden Poring coin and other rewards.
Friendship shop - this is where you will be spending your flower. I prefer getting essence of Morroc to be able to summon a lot of essence for element aura.
By helping your friends defeating the MVP you will be getting a essence of Morroc. If you are in rank 1,2 or 3 i think, but there is a limit 10 in a day only, and if you defeated the MVP you will be getting golden poring coins.

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