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Use the monsters’ skills to defeat Baphomet! Drag the skill icon to the target based on the guide. master you were reading a magic book and then fell asleep on the street. I couldn’t even wake you up! Fortunately you’re all right now! By the way, i saw that the hatch lab posted a notice just now saying that there is a monster egg festival. Let’s go and strengthen our team. You are one step closer to becoming the greatest monster summoner.

Ragnarok Tactics hack

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Constantly fighting and looking for resources on the Lunmiard calt continent. There are many wild creatures and summoners on Luen’s Kingdom. We need to beat them and get more resource. Understanding faction match ups is the key to win battles. You can set marching paths and targets for our team. Hold and drag your teams’ path to an enemy unit to select it as your attack target. You successfully planned your attack! you can easily defeat enemies positioned in the back like this! Use cheat code nlHxT7 and claim resources gained by exploring monster team. Now, why don’t learn about deploying teams? Paper units can suppress rock units. Deploy your paper unit at the front of 2 enemy rock temas to intercept them. Click the blue colored space to move your paper unit to the selected space.

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Teams march forward and they will attract 2 enemy teams in close range. Click the “+” button to choose an essence. Equip an essence to summon retinues to fight with the selected monster. By the way, we should also raise the level of the monster. Promote creatures as you wish. In the future, new features will unlock in that will return the cost of leveling them up. We’ve obtained some powerful equipment! Let’s go an try them on! Tap the equip button. Just click the equip all button to wear all equipment.
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Skills: spear thrust - deal 185% attack + 170 physical DMG to the enemies in area. Forget me not - deal 21% ATK + 20 physical damage every second in circle area. And rudece 60% movement speed and 30% attack speed of target enemies. Soul drain - stel health points from highest max HP monster. Deal 45% magica attack + 1% max HP (200 at most) every second for 1 minute. Meteor storm - deal DMG every second to surrounding enemies. Each DMG has chance to stun target for 3 second.

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