Characters Tier list - Ragnarok Tactics (elements, skills).

SS character Katrin (attacker, ranged): skills - mind combo - deal 370% MATK +1200 magic DMG to enemies in area. Make target -50% ATK, MATK and -50% movement speed for 5 second. It has 55% chance to deal once extra DMG and 10% chance to deal twice extra DMG.
SS hero Dark Lord (attacker, ranged): tallent - meteor storm - deal 30% MATK +1415 magic DMG every second to surrounding enemies. Each DMG has 25% chance to stun target for 3 second.
SS unit Garm (attacker, melee): skill blizard - deal 10% MATK + 50 magic DMG every second to the area for 5 second. Each damage has 8% to freeze target for 3 second. Frozen target get incoming damage +40% and blizzard DMG +3%. Cold bolt - trigger condition: normally attacked 5 times. Minimal trigger interval is 7 second. Trigger effects: deal 185% MATK + 8000 Magic DMG to lowest HP enemy monster and freeze target for 2 second. Frost Nova - magic DMG +8%. Trigger condition: being attacked 18 times. Can be triggered no more that 5 times per battle. Minimal trigger interval is 10 second.

Ragnarok Tactics codes
SS hero Magsleta (supporter, ranged): skills - madonna song - reduce 50% CD time of all ally active skills. Increase MP recovery speed for 155%. Redemption - trigger condition: self dies. Can be triggered only once in a battle. Recover 220 MATK + 7000 +60% self Max HP for all ally units. Resurrection - any ally retinue dies. Minimum trigger interval time is 8 second. Recover 20% MATK +200 HP for self. Talent - holy clergyman: healing effect +20%. Probability triggered when attacking. Recover 10 MATK + 100 HP for lowest HP ally team.
S class hero Gryphon (supporter, ranged): skill - speed motivate - cast boost effect (+35% ATK speed and +25% movement speed) to 3 ally team (with highest ATK monster).
SS character Orc Hero: skill tier list - auto defense: defense with a shield and become invulnerable for 3 seconds. Recovers 6% HP of total HP every second.
SS Turtle Gem - waterball: launch 6 water balls to the nearby enemy monster. Each water ball deal 83% MATK + 600 magic DMG.
Ragnarok Tactics cheats
Vesper SS unit, ranged, physical damage, attributes: HP - 1070, DEF - 8, MDEF - 15, ATK - 52, MATK - 19. Skill - Gaea GUN - launch 3 shells. Each shell deals 180% ATK + 200 physical damage to targets. Damage will increase 12% if shell hits the same target one more time.
Talent mech core - trigger when self HP more than 100%, ATK +7%, physical DMG +3%. Nuclear bomb - 8% to trigger when making normal attack. The probability will increase 8% if skill "mech core" is triggered. Minimal trigger interval is 6 seconds.
Dark energy - units of Dark element have the effect of ignore 5% DEF. This effect can not be removed even if Vesper dies.
Author: Solarios