New upgrade 2020 version Ragnarok Tactics

Here comes an exciting 1.6.0 Update :
An idle + strategy game developed by Gravity. Adapted from the old MMORPG style, there are many new features along with the classic monsters that will make you enjoy the game!

New: monster, skin monster, system "fairy land", system EX weapon, increase floor in endless tower.
Adding dark Snake lord and Dracula in to the SS chests. Changing the wind silence essence icon. Changing the Baphomet skill animation to cast faster. Fixing Dark Lord's skill "meter storm'. Adjustment on Celia's cancel casting& dispel. Fixing on guild war systems.

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For the safety of your account, we recommend you to bind your account to your personal email or facebook, to prevent from losing your character. Incase the hero is missing, we will not be able to recover your profile.
press button profile picture corner left top. Press button link account for bind id. Choose facebook, google, gamecenter.

New Update Ragnarok Tactics Fairy Land:
Seabed relic adventure: according to legend, there are many mysterious treasures buried in the Seabed relic of Izlude Island! Explorers, show your courage and determination to find treasures.
Fairyland adventure guide:
1. Floor unlock condition: Unlock 5th floor of normal mode when the 1st day this playmode open. 10th floor of normal mode (second day). 15th- 3rd day, 20th - 4th day, 10th floor of hell mode - 5th day
2. Player can challenge Hell mode when passing the 20th floor of normal mode.
3. The state of player will be reset when entering hell mode. Nothing from normal mode can be carried into hell mode.
4. Player can reset this mode and play from the beginning by tap reset button (rewards will not be reset).
5.New Update Ragnarok Tactics Fairy Land monster requirement to join normal mode - level not less than 85, hell mode - not less than 175.

Seabed relic shop upgrade version: normal rough, mysterious rough, hero crown, lost stele, ancient rough, moon bell, elves chant, old pipe, absolute zero, legacy wand.
Mysterious rough - can be used to upgrade EX equipment of high grade.
Elves Chant - Ex equipment of Sheci. Can boost skill 'arrow rain' and 'crack magic arrow'.
Lost stele - ex equipment of Tao Gunka. Can boost skill "ganbantein" and unlock new passive skill "sacrament"
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Author: Solarios