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I had this classmate who wondered whether he would be able to survive for 20 years after such a disaster, just because he learned some survival skills online. I don’t think he would be able to make it, because he has no wi-fi.
Having no wi-fi isn’t so bad, compared to other post doomsday problems: no accommodation, no clean water...Not to even mention toilet paper. I’ll divulge my story to you...
In the year of 2046 A.D. a sudden nuclear explosion catastrophe swept the globe. The world order was plunged into darkness. The human race became all but extinct during this unprecedented calamity. Many creatures have mutated in the radiation, the survivors are on their last legs and seeking hope in the hostile environment.

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You just made me stay here to make sure you will steal our food and jewels once you woke up! Main quest: The NPC with yellow exclamation mark offers main quest. The small map will show you the quests you can take. The main quest of the current map is completed, and the door of the new area can be activated. Go to the mine to see if you can make some credits, you may be able to enter the town.

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The small map in the upper right corner has vario`us logos, click to open the big map. Click to teleport to an unlocked zone. Please read the map when you have no idea where to go. Sand Trail - the road behind Rusthaven leads to Mine area. It is named because the surrounding rock is extremely fragile and easy to form sand. While it is also rich in a kind of very hard rock when people have not found a effective way to mine and use.
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It will cost anger to cast a skill while you equipped a cold weapon. You can earn anger by combo attack or special skills. Just use the CHop skill to earn anger fast. It’s a main skill of cold weapons to deal damage. Use the hack skill to strike and knock down multiple enemies at once. It’s the most important controlling skill of cold weapons. Bladestorm can cause much damage to multiple enemies at the same time in a short period of time. The Judgement skill can spend all your anger and cause much damage at a time. It will cause more damage if have more anger.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You take a annihilation quest and destroy the target to reach the number of to complete the quest.
  • The "red" will mark the location of the quest related monster on the small map.
  • In general, the five pointed star will appear on the moster head related to the mission.
  • You take a collection quest and get the item number of items to complete the quest.
  • The mark "yellow" on the small map shows collecting points.
  • You can collect quest items by clicking yellow spots on the map.

Raid survivor tips
Tutorial Raid survivor(wiki):
  • Mechanics kecker's reinforcement and recasting can make your equipment more powerful.
  • Drug units in the partner panel.
  • Boss can be unlocked for the first time before unlocking the drop preview and fast transfer.
  • Find the Titan studio members who are lost in the game and help them get back to the studio. There will be a mysterious gift!
  • Build own film studio, sign up rising film stars, become a great director.

Raid survivor tutorial

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Units: Isabella - half a month ago, after she calculated the frequency of the female characters in Hollywood, she resolutely decides to change her name accordingly. Her determination to enter the film circles at all cost moved to company’s talent scout.
Raid survivor tips to repair
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