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Hey you! I hope you know your classics, we don’t have time to lose. Remember thise three badass heroes? They defeat the Arggoth a long time ago.
The Arggoth was made of spirits. After it blew up in battle, the spirits fell down on earth and became what you call Artefacts. The three badass heroes? Well, you know the story, they just vanished. Since then, the artefacts are kind of your best friends, aren’t they? Washing, cooking, brewing beers... They made your life a living paradise.

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But party’s over, dude. Evil forces are back. Some artefacts are starting to rebel. Don’t worry, wizard. I’m not going to be a problem. I’m the nicest artefact you’ll ever meet. Enough chatting, wizard, go fight these ugly little goblins. Use offensive spells to damage and defeat them! Your bravery will automatically drive you to your enemies. Burn them with your fireball! It will deal damage for a short period.

Raid Heroes cheats, hack codes

Use your meteorite to destroy entire groups of enemies! You have plenty of spells to heal your allies. When your party is in danger, use your superior heal. You can focus your heroes to help them! Use fighter, your strength and resistance will protect your allies! Between each fight, have a drink to get different bonuses. Use your smash to strike your target and deal moderate damage. Charge your enemies to reach them quickly and get back their attention (aggro).
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You can change your job anytime you want in the game menu. Use shards or resources found in raids to level up your equipment. Upgrade your spells to keep up with more dangerous monsters.

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