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Since the dawn of days, North Sea clans have completed for glory, as fearless Viking crews honour their Chieftains with Plunder and Offerings.
hail, great warrior! The chieftain needs you to bring prosperity to our village. Prepare your ship to raid a nearby harbour for its plunder.
You bring the game with 3 townsfolk cards in your hand. You will recruit some of them into your crew to go raiding.

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Each turn you will place a worker and pick up a different worker. Drag your current worker to a building with an empty spoot to use that location. You can’t hire crew without paying them! Hire crew using silver from the silversmith. Take a different worker from a building back to your hand. This will also activate that building, the same as placing a worker there would have. A great raider likes to have option. Use the gate house to draw 2 new townsfolk cards into your hand.

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In every turn, you place one worker and pick up another. Now we’re ready to raid! Pan up to view nearby settlements. Tap and drag within the world to pan. Each settlement has requirements to raid. You’ll need the crew and provisions shown. When you raid a settlement, you’ll take valuable plunder: iron, livestock, and gold.
Drag your worker to a harbour to raid it. Each raid requires that you spend a certain number of provisions, and that you have a certain number of crew.
Raiders of the North Sea wiki
You also take plunder for yourself! Plunder is worth victory points at the end of the game and can be used to purchase other resources during the game.
The Chieftain wants you to raid a Harbour, an outpost, and a fortress. This time, you’ll be completing for victory points with another raider. May the strongest prevail!
You’ve been given a crew member, and some starting supplies. Fill out your crew to raid a harbour. Raiding is hungry work! The mill provides much needed provisions.

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  • GOld and silver are valuable resources. The treasure allows you to discard 1 card to gain 2 silver or 2 cards to gain 1 gold
  • To raid for valuable plunder, you must have a crew for your ship. The barracks allows you to hire townsfolk cards for your crew.
  • Crew cost silver to recruit. They provide strength, are used to score points in some raids, and an ongoing ability.
  • You've raided the harbour and earned plunder. When you raid, you gain the worker that was at the settlement and end your turn.
  • Some buildings provide different results depending on the workers used. Some workers give you access to new buildings.
  • Raiding provides you with plunder, and the long house allows you to put it to use! make offerings to the chieftain or gain additional provisions at the long house.
  • Some townsfolk are better equipped to help from the village. Use the town hall to use the speed effect of a townsfolk card and then discard that card.
  • Your armour must be thick to withstand battle! Use the armory to increase your crew's strength.

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When raiding more challenging settlements, you’ll need strength to score victory points. You’ll also roll dice to increase your strength.
When you raid a settlement with Valkyrie, you must lose a crew member for each valkyrie taken. Don’t despair for them though. They go to Valhalla! (and you score victory points for each crew that dies after the first). Some crew members give you a bonus when they are discarded to Valhalla.
You need more crew members to raid a fortress. You can draw townsfolk cards at the gate house, and you can recruit unit at the barracks.
Raiders of the North Sea tutorial

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