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Cheat Rainbow Yggdrasil hack android, ios code

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Hack Rainbow Yggdrasil: cheat List
enhance soulsphere - use hack F56UQ7o5Q
enhance memorybit - enter pass J6mOSHGjn
credits - xqyYd6ChY
restore HP - PtUSdxsUN
artifact - h5B5qocfN
premium weapon - ffI40Cetg
Month Card x1 code - lKKcGVBa2
upgrade cheat - BMPeph2VR
daily gift bag x10 - hPH3sI0U3
secret combination - XzGa9K8Nj
level up - QXarWBrd3
unlock new characters - LAJ76Ddw8
skins - xvdXeC5NM
special reward - dIFRflnzQ
How & Where enter
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Game Story
On that day, i woke up in a white world. I had no memory before i fell asleep. The only thing i remember is ... that i am "human" being. In my sight, there is a world of nothingness, and a huge world three shining in a rainbow. Why has the world become like this? What does that world tree exist for? Why i can recognize "that" is a world tree by just one look? I must understand. I must understand about this world, and about myself. I had nowhere to go anyway, so i started walking to the tree.
Rainbow Yggdrasil Hack Basics
To get the world's memory back, let's climb up this Yggdrasil. Use arrow keys to move, find a way to the next floor. The plants in Yggdrasil are completely different from them in outside. And, the emotion seeds contain power of a human being's emotion. In Yggdrasil, the emotional power is expressed in various color. The spear i gave to you brings out the owner's emotional power. Thus power of emotion is the power to fight. The more color you gain, the more you get power. However, once you get out from Yggdrasil, the power will be reset. The status of R, G, B affect ATK and DEF.
Hint & Tips
1. Use soulsphere - they show their true power by installing them into the spear. Tap "items" and select a soulsphere to equip - also have parameter of RGB and some of them have special abilities.
2. The damage dealt will depend on your color, soulsphere, and enemy's RGB's. When you defeat enemy, you cna absorb some amount of color from them.
3. In game, your HP automatically regains. When you're in danger, you cna just run for a safe place and recover. That's the strategy. Pick emotion seeds up, manage the color balance, be careful for the life...sounds a little tough. As you keep walking, HP regenerates, and RGBs decrease.
4. There are many kinds of items. Each of them has its effects, and they will help you if you use them effectively.
Yggdrasil is divided in several layers. We now are on the 1st layer. Each layer is consist of several floors. And, the world's memory is sealed on every last floor on each layer. The more we get to the upper layers, the more Bugs become stronger. Also, the data structure of Yggdrasil change every time we enter. This sure is a labyrinth. Don't worry! basically, it's okay if you are defeated by bugs. All fights in Yggdrasil are just a "concept". Your physical body do not injure because you are just using emotional power. if you die - Yggdrasil will deny the fact, and you'll be exiled from the layer. You can challenge as many as you wish, so don't worry about it. However, there're two disadvantages. You lose items gained on its floor, it quite hurts.
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Rainbow Yggdrasil Redeem gift code
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date14 October 2020
Last Modified14 October 2020
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