Cheats hack Raining Blobs code: skill points, gold, gem, combo, double stars, etra garbage, booster, codes Raining Blobs Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat Raining Blobs hack android, ios code

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Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Raining Blobs Cheats
100 skill points - #xHaGNibS9
10000 gold coins - #JXFm40QQ4
combo combination - #yQZJQHILo
double stars - #85nnKMIKl
500 gems - #x67U7K1Zv
extra garbage - #z3ssBYtHP
1 Month Card code - #2xzqKuEhB
upgrade cheat - #zgz8uG1Fj
evolve - #KFprCdaf5
free gameplay - #gWwb0zqFy
secret combination - #fsDU7PwHr
level up - #MYMaeur6I
costumes - #Zind7TaE2
booster - #BmjJp1VMK
special reward - #uyvPob5t8
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Move left or right with move buttons. Hold left or right to move fast. Press A or B to rotate the blobs. Learn to rotate in both directions to minimize moves. Hold down to move fast, moving fast will reward you with extra points. You can rotate and move even when the blobs hit end for short period. Watch next blobs and plan moves ahead. Press up to fast drop the blobs. Enable fast drop in variants. When stuck, rotate in any direction to switch blobs.
Raining Blobs Blobs
Group blobs by color, clear a color stars. Make them as big as possible. Set up combo chains, this is very important for making high scores and sending more garbage to the opponents. Combine big groups with big combo chains and become the master! Combo creater than 2 add combo x combo+combo extra garbage and multiplies the score. Bigger group add bigger percent of extra garbage.
Special blobs show up: double stars and gems. Gems clear all blobs of targeted color. Clearing all blobs rewards you with extra points and garbage for the opponents. Opponents send garbage. Clear garbage blobs by clearing color blobs touching it. Diagonal garbage is also cleared. Garbage is being accumulated and released after clearing 4 or more blobs.
Clearing blobs will first cancel your garbage and send the rest to the opponents. 30 garbage is released at once. 10 seconds release timer starts if more are pending.
If more than 90 garbage is pending, the release timer starts. Change rules in variants. Some changes may disable achievments and leaderboards entry.
Patch Version
Raining Blobs Redeem gift code
1. 4rlhhb1zcx4EVe2
2. iMA06ymNUhPjtWH
3. sh4aUPVRWNTkmim
Hack Release Date07 September 2020
Last Modified07 September 2020
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