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Teammate list - You can manage you character. There are function for upgrade, add and delete your main character and teammate. You can choose your teammate by touching the character slot. There are the various types of character such as, tanker, dealer, healer, buff, etc. Please check the skill description for more information. Party assignment – assign your main character and teammates to from a formidable battle strategy. Touch the character to make it join the party on the right. You can set 1-5 parties. One party can accommodate max 5 characters. Re-touching an already assigned character will remove it from the party. You can drag the character that already got in party assignment list to move his position. Note that character and mob will attack the opposition located at the same position first. You can use up to 3 formations where you can place your characters whenever you want.

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Dungeons – you can use teammates and party that you chose to battle and get the rewards. Auto play only available after clearing the said dungeon manually at least once. The rewards for auto play might be less than even the easy difficulty. It consumes your entry ticket each time and accumulates the rewards. For manual mode, the higher your achievement, the more rewards that you can ger. And high achievement is determined from play time, party assignment and survivability of characters. Please note that the auto mode can run in the every difficulty. You can change battle speed or change formation of your party for the next wave by selecting the desired formation in the middle of battle. Party set 1 will be used when you start the attacks. Party set can changed while you are in the ready mode to prepare for the next wave. Also, if you change your party assignment before every wave, you can get higher achievement.

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You can receive costume's effect when equipping it. Your linked character must survive when clearing hell difficulty to obtain more rewards. A character will inflict basic attack on the enemy in the same mirror position first. Gems are used by all character, but certain items are only usable by certain character. Depending on class's characteristics, if you manage party assignment as well, you can obtain more rewards. Next dungeon open when clearing previous dungeon of same difficulty. Normal difficulty dungeon will open after clearing all dungeon of easy difficulty. Auto play is available only after you clear the easy difficulty of said dungeon at least once. Monster is going to attack the character with the same position of monster's assignment first.

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1. 66jwbnPkdW - materials
2. RL9mlhnfy2 - upgrade
3. IqQeCQPGbY – M points
4. pEwxOLEc0Z – free double roll
5. B0vhVS7ChH – extra gems
6. XeqrwqLvlr – roulette spin
7. r2IaBZCeyu - costume
8. cZSt7zJ8sB – tickets coupons
9. FjsAWxMs8u – stamina energy

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