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Cheat Random Card Defense hack android, ios code

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Hack Random Card Defense: cheat List
quest points - use hack 6ctqqUhC7
diamond chest x10 - enter pass EGXknozdF
gems x5,000 - SBxpH1DpG
legendary cards - J1cSDBkJG
auto merge - 9hqoqx3s5
legendary hero - OX3dLTTdc
Month Card x1 code - 0CVG0upAR
upgrade cheat - NIGSLqpPV
daily gift bag x10 - qA4Dx8Jvb
secret combination - X26C4HNlk
level up - qcHlQ6ETM
game speed x5 - LNTMLYQeX
gold coins - 6fGK7zVAa
special reward - hefTXstVS
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Heya! Make good use of your cards and heroes to beat your opponents. Let's get started! Tap the 'draw' button to get your cards. Cards are used to beat up monsters. See? That monster high talled it to your opponent's side. And your BP's piling up. You're gonna have to upgrade your cards to win. Just merge them with a similar card. And if you ever wanna boost your card's attack power, just use your BP. Call on heroes like me when it's do or die!
Random Card Defense Hack Basics
When you upgrade a card, its stats are increased. Its critical hit chance also goes up. Cards: Wind - attack monsters more quickly than other cards. Landmine - install mines that inflict explosive damage. Fire - shoots scorching flames that damage nearby monsters. Lightning - shoots bolts of electricity that damages nearby monsters. Death - instantly kills monsters with a certain probability when attacking. Does not apply to bosses. Scattershot - fires a bullets at a time at strong monsters. Critical - increases the critical hit chance of nearby cards (stackable). Punch - attacks whichever enemy has the highest HP first.
Hint & Tips
1. Let your opponent know what you think of them by using emojis.
2. In party mode, your hero's HP doesn't matter - you can't let a single monster pass.
3. The higher your opponent's level, the more trophies you can win. If you lose, you'll lose less.
4. Every time you upgrade a card, its total critical damage increases.
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1. mRPsy3U9jq0RYSx
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5. TiTGTgi7gnLTTlk
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date15 October 2020
Last Modified15 October 2020
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