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Cheat Random Clash hack android, ios code

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keys x100 - use hack IOVI7eeNf
monarch chest - enter pass 67LrN17h5
rubies x3,000 - dd2PFxr6T
gold x100,000 - qPObSMdyc
off ads - KQYuWMLDF
game speed x10 - aYTTmJls6
Month Card x1 code - NSuamwDuu
upgrade cheat - WPASXBjiJ
daily gift bag x10 - 6QHhA3CAD
secret combination - mVA81WlpR
level up - IBXMQgieo
premium box - RyvI40Kv5
legendary card - orEad2AdG
special reward - uATW6lBUU
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Game Story
In this game, your main task is to prevent the monsters from reaching their final destination. In PvP mode, you have to complete with a real opponent who is in the same conditions as you. Whoever lasts longer will win. First you need to build a unit. After clicking on this button, a random unit from your combat kit will be installed in a random cell. To build and improve units, vitality points are used, which are given for each destroyed enemy. You still have 90 units of resource - use it to build the second unit.
Random Clash Hack Basics
The building cost increases by 10 each time you build. At the start of the game, you can always build 4 units. You still have vitality points left to build another unit. Two identical units can be combined into one stronger one. The type of the received unit is determined randomly. This unit now has two stars. This means that the attack speed has doubled, as well as that the ability has improved. You can also additionally strengthen the unit: the damage done will be increased and the ability improved.
Hint & Tips
1. Rank points are awarded for each victory. The more rank points, the more valuable rewards you can get.
2. Upon reaching a certain number of rank points, new rewards wil open, and one of them is already waiting for you.
3. THe description of the unit contains information regarding its abilities. Below are the parameters of the unit, which give an idea of its combat characteristics.
4. In addition, the overall critical damage will increase, which plays a very important role in combat. By raising the class of a unit, you will improve its specific parameters.
5. Your ally can play with a different combat kit. Thus, due to different combinations, you will be able to influence the player's units on the contrary: to complement them or to strengthen them.
Violar - swing the great sword to the target point quickly and at the same time spreading the hidden Shurikens symmetrically.
Bomber - fist fired from the right hand causes a series of explosions at the same time as it pulls the target.
Western - firestorms are fired around the gun's mouth at the same time as the twin guns are fired, and fireballs are spread in multiple directions.
Mech Girl - the number of drones received fire canons toward the ground and then self destruct at the enemy.
Robson - the quality is so clear, as the items were custom made by the ruler of the world, Mr. Robson.
Pirate Union - we're running out of sea water, not to mention pirate ships, but we're working on a car for pirates.
Bbing - how much did you bring? Don't compare it to anything else. We've only stolen the best things and adapted them.
OMRC - it's the oddland mutant research center, which dissects and studies monsters int he Oddland.
Ama-john - are you looking at some of the things John used to grow when he was amateur. Ah, it doesn't have much to do with Amazon.
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Random Clash Redeem gift code
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5. NCokpfDin57f6Sk
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date11 October 2020
Last Modified11 October 2020
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