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You can play either the stage mode or the infinite mode. Stage mode - You can get rubies each time you eliminate a new boss monster. Select the infinite mode button. You can get rubies in the infinite mode. You can also get diamonds when you advance to a new difficulty level.
You can buy additional units by using energy. Tap the buy unit button to buy a hero. You got a class 2 unit through merge. Class 2 unti is more powerful than the class 1 unit. Tap the next wave button and start the game.

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hack Random Merge Defense Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Use menu: equipment, unit, town, treasure, shop, start battle, daily reward, quests. Resources: gold coins, ruby, gem crystal. Your health points decreases if a monster reaches the objective position. The game terminates if the HP drops to 0.

cheat Step #2: You must eliminate the monsters. Then use the gained energy to buy more soldiers, and continu to stop the enemies. You can buy or merge equipment for the item menu. Equipment you have purchased can be equipped on a unit from the hero menu.

code Step #3:You can upgrade a unit or slot an equipment from the characters menu. Tap the buy unit button to buy a new hero. Soldier level will increase if you get the same unit that you already own.

Random Merge Defense Step #4: YOu can upgrade a general by using gold coins. Tap the upgrade button. You can make a unit even more powerful by equipping gears. Tap on the equipment slot to equip. You can get reward after certain time interval in the town. You can get a treasure with permanent effect from the chest menu.

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  • 1. Hack list:
    goblin axe (atk spd +20%, stun duration +15%) - #ldJRxYICA
    legendary equipment - #LQmlijK4A
    mine (get 5000 gold every 10 seconds) - #LLwZOYwZt

    ruby storage (get 100 ruby every 1 min) - #1e7thH20B
    lab (get 1000 diamonds every 1hr) - #Xffty8G07
    you can get 10 random legendary grade hero every 12 hr. - #OPQPB5KWH

    Forge (get 1 SSR grade weapon every 24 hr.) - #8mJtf4YW3
    Season Pass - #U0yYfeW1w
    healing potion (recover 1 hp on every 10 waves) - #PQoR5bqM6
    hummer (increase stun duration) - #Ym2K5hv2Q
    Silver Ruby Chest - #QcJMaysoN
    Gold Ruby Chest - #BtiXvw43L
    Platinum Ruby Chest - #u533tQevq
    Diamond Ruby Chest X2 - #QDp1ysDpf
    Diamond Ruby Chest - #IjuU0Yctf
    Big Diamond Chest - #EQM4F0Ad7
    Huge Diamond Chest - #4WchTCRMt
    Small Diamond Chest - #18. iANnOCQIj
    Premium Package - #yHDC9torF
    Crown Package - #06PDVwPag

  • 2. You can get bonus energy when you complete a mission.
  • 3. Evolve your hero and defeat the enemies. Evolve your units through merging.
  • 4. Mix and match the synergy for each hero for effective strategic play.
  • 5. Upgrade your town and get great rewards.
  • 6. Collect and use various treasures and equipment to fend of the enemies.
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