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Rangers of Oblivion cheat world: the walls of Avalon have protected mankind for centuries. They have protected mankind from becoming the behemoths prey, but some desire to go out into the vast world and become hunters.
Hey, hi. You're the new recruit, right? I was looking for you. Let me see. hm... good family background, check. Great physical health, check. You seem to be in good condition, but you need to complete a few important trials before becoming a ranger. However, first must go to instructor Harken and choose a weapon that suits you.

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Let me introduce you. This is Sir Harken, a senior instructor of the rangers. If you require battle training with different weapon, he's the one to go to. Have you decided what weapon you are going to use? The greatsword, the lance, the bow... A strong ranger is skilled in a variety of weapons. You need to choose the ones that suit you best.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Do you see the training dummies? They're prepared for your training, have at them! First up is somersault. using it will enable you to capitalize on the lightness of twin blanes and leap to attack from high abothe the ground. Blade rush - using this skill willenable you to move swiftly slashing away for all you're worth. Lastly, we'll learn about last rites. it is a skill worthy of studying. Activating this skill will make all of your attacks stack a blade mark on your target.
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Tutorial Rangers of Oblivion (wiki): rangers resonate with wild souls in order to utilize their powers but the wild souls slowly corrupt them. If you run out of stamina or tap the skill again, all blade marks will implode dealing considerable damage. Last rites - tap on the skill button, to allow a weapon stacks blade mark on its target. Normal attack and other skills will stack blade. Continuously attack the same body part to stack more blade mark. Tap the skill button again to trigger all marks and deals massive damages.
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