Cheats, hacks Rapid Clash: secrets code, apk bug mode

. Android game Rapid Clash cheat hack code - immediately, gold ingots, unlimited resources, wood, food, coupon ticket, summon epic hero (New York, Unated state).

The end of the universe the most beautiful Shin Kuntan created planet was a full of life energy. The woman made a city called Cheat-on with the paladin Hack as the main axis and gathered it as Femina camp. The man made the city of Rouben with darkness as the main force of the necromancer Mantor and brought together the Vir camp. The new tribes continued to struggle with the constant anger of their opponents. The hero who unifies Bir and Femina and brings peace to the planet in this era of confusion.

Rapid Clash cheats android, ios hack codes

Rapid Clash –  hack codes

We have successfully occupied the city, let's show your power to the world. You have been prestigious, it is time to recruit new units. Slide up to check enemy defend system. Click adjust button to replace the unit to deal with the enemy. Your highness, build your defend system. First, touch to choose a unit. Place in the corresponding area. Next, switch the position, so that the general blocking in front of the enemy. Now slide the screen to deploy the trap outside the fortress. Place heavy shield arms at front to defend against ranged damage. Kiwing – ranged shooter of great damage. Jiguang – ranged DPS, can stunt groups of enemies. Lian Po – the shield can absorb 100% health points damage, and deal 120% attack points area damage to enemies warrior.

Rapid Clash - secret code hack tips

Rapid Clash –  cheats secret bug
slide to place your ally units. Drag the map and select the area you what want to move. The material can be purchased at the store or through monster bunting. Ethereal items (marked with an E) increase the chance of grinding to 2 times, but the probability of destruction is high. Basic attacks can open conversations, gathering, miners, sanctuaries, and chests with NPCs.

how to enter hack cheats Rapid Clash.

1. BP7Fo3WM0d – finish upgrade immediately
2. n0g1s0pmOG – gold ingots
3. THFnohpCvC – unlimited resources
4. vOydDz3cvX - wood
5. ZPLnpx3k5L - food
6. RaWCSVHv54 – epic heroes
7. pP1vQkqQNI - summon
8. z7D8OD0Zkn – coupon ticket

how and where enter
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