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- I was fighting with Shumaz. It can’t be...have i..died?
- Your dimension has already vanished, but i have saved your soul. Do not be afraid, hero chosen by light. Move forward to choose your dimension.

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Ehah - those who worship Ehah, the God of Space, knowns the space of a Dimension os too small to share with others.
Al Karas - knows importance of time and wants all thins to move by exact calculations.
Darkness - are dark, secretive and aren’t afraid to use destructive power for victory.
Astral - believe in spiritual powers and firmly believes only the salvation of spirit is true.
Agni - are full of vitality and wants that energy to purge all of the world.
Morian - believes that the only the blessing of existent matter can save the world.

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Gaia - is a courageous warrior who smites the enemy with a pair of axes.
Deva - is a divine apostle who gives judgement with their holy power.
Game tutorial: Use the interaction button to open the armor chest.
Polish your skills to get more effects. You can auto attack by pressin down the fight button.
Tap quest panel to show the direction. Press and hold the joystick to move automatically.
Drag bottom bar upward to open the potion window. You can register the potion you want to use.
Rappelz The Rift SE Asia wiki
As you go through the battlefield, you can see silver elite monsters that are different from normal ones. Elite monsters are not easy to defeat but they will give you extra attributes when defeated, so try to defeat them. Increase the level of Lak spirit in order to increase the attribute.
Dark chapel guide: clear upon defeating 5 waves of monsters. A boss randomly appears on last wave. Tradable gear obtainable upon defeating it.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • If you raise your rank by collecting glory not only will you become stronger but also you will receive rank rewards daily.
  • You can use the dimension travel NPC to travel to other dimensions.
  • Trainee island - the last haven for people who have retreated from monsters. Troops of Baron Madius is aiming for the hero Hector, who is waiting for a counterattack.
  • Bless the newbies in our dimension and receive gifts.
  • After acquiring new gears, transfer your old Gear's upgrades.

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You can change the attributes of your buff creatures.
You can use the free gacha periodically in other menus as well. Auxiliary gear gives special abilities to the hero.
Dungeon buff:
rupee buff - use rupees and activate to increase maximum physical attack. Currency buff uses currency to increase the hero’s ability for a short while.
Legendary shop - often sells various packages. Level up your character with a discounted product.
Rappelz The Rift SE Asia tutorial

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The cabinet - make way for the king! If you become the monarch of the dimension you can appoint your vassals.
Guild farming quest in each guid’s domain is available each night at 9 PM only for 15 min.
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Haven of the Deceased guide:
1. Earn points by defeating monsters (EXP earned based on points).
2. Destroy the barricade (destroyer earns upgrade stone).
3. Dungeon cleared upon destroying dungeon core ( earns protection stone). Rappelz The Rift SE Asia Activation code:
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