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Raven's Path Game controls: alright listen up peasant! It’s time to learn to move units. You can touch units and flick or drag your finger to move them. Try moving the knight in all four directions. Now it’s time to learn to heal units. Some heroes have special abilities pointing in certain directions. The healer at the bottom middle of the scree has green arrows signifiying that she can heal the spaces to the left and the right of her.

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Try moving the healer up so that she heals the two blade maidens on either side of her to full health. Now use what you have learned to keep these enemies from touching the bottom of the screen, and don’t let your soldiers die. When you are victorious every mission will give you a chest, adding gold, salvage, units, items or crowns to your collection. You can also obtain chests with gold or by killing a certain number of enemies in combat.

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Click the helmet icon to go to the army customizer, and create your first army. You have 5 units in your collection. Click the drop down to view them. Drag 4 units on to the stones below to create your army. Click the sword icon to go to the equipment screen. You have 3 items in your collection. Click the drop down to view them. Drag and drop items into weapon, armor, or ring slots to equip units.
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Campaign missions are displayed on the map. Once you clear all 4 campaign missions you can move on to the next act. Portal missions are optional, but they provide units, items, crowns, gold, salvage, and even access to special shops upon completion. Salvage - can be used to build constructions or buy items from portal mission shops. Skills: rejuvenation - gives 20 health per second to the hero below this unit.

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