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Free hack Re Legion cheats code list - increase damage, credits, multiplayer, promo ticket, confessors, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Re Legion cheat world: i’ve been known by many names. Prophet, Cheat-on, Savior, Liar, Murderer...Yet, along time ago i was just Elion...A man who wanted to change something. Man who wanted to free the people from their cages, built by powerful and greedy corporations. To show them life filled with purpose and peace, but perhaps i failed. Maybe it was all a mistake. There is no right nor wrong after all. Or perhaps i was already consumed by darkness. What i am certain that i started all of this...brought us to this point and this is why i will be the one to end it. How did it come to this?

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It’s even worse than i remember... I feel sick, when i’m looking at this city. These people need help. I must talk to them and reach them somehow. Under the influence of the though injection system, those who weren’t born into corporate families, were trapped in nihilism, hedonism and decadence. People have no choice but to live meaningless existences, looking only for cheap satisfaction of their basic needs. Humanity needs a leader who will turn it back from the dark path it has wandered onto. Someone who will convince the civilians to join the rebellion against the ones.

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The T.I.S. hasn’t affected everyone equally. On the road ahead, a group of unruly citizens is being pacified by the corporate police. Save them from the roboguards before it’s too late. Years of brainwashing and a destructive lifestyle took its toll - new followers, frail and weak, are no match for the corporate machine. Anointed to Fanatics they may stand a chance in the struggle against the ones. Anointments grant followers more power and unique abilities.
There are more ways to control and manage the followers. Visit the controls menu for a complete control scheme.

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Creed: neuromysticism - submission to the leader and augmentation in his image. A mysterious link between rituals and transcendence personified in the prophet, worshipped as a manifestation of God’s will and the revealer of the divine truth. Neuromysticics preach submission to the prophet and pursue illumination through cognitive and perceptual enhancement (as they allow better understanding of his will).
Cyberoccultism - strength comes from within - through enhancements and combat one attains infinity. A set of beliefs build on assumptions that all technology comes from God, and survival of the fittest is Her way of distinguishing those worthy of Ascension. CyberOccultists reject any limitation to individual freedom. They praise self betterment through body enhancements and the study of arcane knowledge hidden between the ones and zeros within binary code (considered to be the language of God).
Cryptocommandments - the way is to embrace the prophet’s terms and conditions using the circuit fibers of the T.I.S. network. It preaches strength through Unity, personal surrender for the benefit of the congregation and equality of all users of hexadecimal blockchain in the face of God. Users are obliged to spread the Word of the prophet.

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