Cheats hack Realm Versus code: soul shard, off ads, sweep, stamina, vip privileges, booster, gift codes Realm Versus Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat Realm Versus hack android, ios code

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Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Realm Versus Cheats
free sweep - use hack #YydsmiD8O
100 soul shards - enter pass #x6r3aURV1
instant super training - #LF60Zfzc8
enhance weapon - #WoQU3MHnc
500 stamina - #5VkiEX7FV
off ads - #fX5oXJH2K
1 Month Card code - #3CzQYwyPV
upgrade cheat - #CUL6pyIna
booster - #6AfYBQOnF
vip 15 privileges - #YfXFDcGmH
secret combination - #BvZ1fe7Ip
level up - #6Z9HSv8IY
5000 OR - #WuzkP7pas
special reward - #cYJiM5HF6
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Realm Versus Story
I've lost my Shinigami powers. While i await the return of my powers, Fulfil my Shinigami duties. WHo would fight with this kind of monsters for a stranger! I'm not that powerful yet.
Don't you overplay your huge Zanpakuto. You must overcome your limitations to become a qualified Shinigami.
Realm Versus hack Basics
Click ability buttons to release "sword pressure" to attack enemy. Please take notice of the order of skills for every character. You have your own style. Use normal attacks wisely to increase the combo effects or use cheats codes. Low power can be compensated with good actions. Please take attention of the patience consume when use defense and Shunpo. Characters under the "Shunpo" status are invincible. It can help you dodge attacks.
You could choose supporters before the battle starts. Good supporters can provide kito skills and stats boost, making the battle easier.
1. If you are attacked in defense, you will lose a certain amount of END. It is dangerous when END is 0.
2. It's easier to release combo if use recommended gesture.
3. Date with girls in the "female Shinigami association" to earn higher stats.
4. Breakthrough grants characters with great stats boost, new images and stronger skills.
5. "Character connection" grants stats boosts. Advanced characters have stronger connections.
6. Positions are very important in the "arena". Good positions will give you the first strike opportunity.
7. Dating with female shinigamis grants stats boost as well as support skills in battle.
Patch Version
Realm Versus Redeem gift code
1. HVhduiqT5l6WK0X
2. 9WNUDOoD179S54s
3. lHUHq69KUOLSPtx
4. Oc31krjfSfGzzGU
5. aTldJq0XeBenLUl
Hack Release Date16 September 2020
Last Modified16 September 2020
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