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Realm Guards TD Game select the lord: Male - the son of the king, the future leader supported by the subjects. He is righteous and merciful, wise and fearless. As a qualified heir, he is ready to use his sword to defend the kingdom and subjects against invaders at any time.
Female - the daughter of the human king, known as the Rose of Galloway. She is a princess beloved by the civilians. Her beauty is the most pleasing scene of the capital city. But if you think she is just a delicate lady, she will use her sword to prove herself. Cheat code RFGbI1 - secret lord.

Realm Guards TD hack

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The pursuers will be here any time soon. You should retreat as soon as possible, i’ll try to hold them back. Keep in mind that don’t be rash and save your strength. The battle is about to start. Please put hero on the specified position to defend. Monster can summon minions? We’ve got to kill it first. Energy circle is full? Long press and dragon the cursor onto the boss, and then release the skill to kill it. Heroes can gain energy from killing monsters. Energy will also recover automatically. Skills can be released when energy is full.

Realm Guards TD cheats, hack codes

Ursula DO9BNq - can continuously deal damage and control enemies, a very useful hero in tower defense battles.
Alice asjm0u - excellent AoE damage ability, can reduce the damage taken and decrease enemies’ defense.
Wu Kong gqEUQI - an excellent AoE physical damage dealer, can damage to remote enemies.
Dakki eYzJR8 - excellent controlling and AoE damage ability, can add buffs for allies.
Pandora sWbPTs - a high burst and high damage hero who can deal a large amount of damage to all enemies.
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Please release the skills at the right time and make sure to kill them before enemy reach the destination. Embed rune - can enhance attributes. Altar - you can gain new heroes there. Epic summon code - zaYYgk, you may get epic characters. We need more companions to deal with the powerful enemies. The hero shards bred by halidoms can make heroes stronger. You can use hero shards to increase heroes’ level and greatly increase their attributes.

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