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You may change your starting hand. I have already set it up for you this time. Follower card - you can summon follower on the battlefield for various offensive and defensive actions. Each follower has its own effects and triggers. Please understand the skills of each card before making the appropriate deployment carefully. Try to drag a card into the mana zone to gain a mana. Most of the action would need to consume mana. Put a card in hand into your mana drop zone to generate a mana in that particular color. Each player could only generate 1 mana each turn under normal circumstances.

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Drag your follower out to the battlefield to summon it. When a soldier enters the battlefield, it will enter fatigue first, and it will not be able to take action until the next round. Spell card - that effects directly on the battlefield. Each spell card has its own effect, and proper use can greatly affect the battle situation. Strategically, you might want to put a higher cost card into the mana zone in the early stage of the game. Now, let’s cast this spell to buff our follower. We will have one mana left, let’s use champion skill.

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Shields can help the champion to absorb the damage. At the beginning of the game, three cards (enemy plays first) or two cards (you play first) in the deck will turn into shields. When a shield absorb the damage, it will turn back into a card and the card will return to the hand.
We’ve got an evolve card, summon it on top of our friendly follower. Evolve cards allow followers on the battlefield to become stronger followers, but evolve cards can only be summoned on top of specific followers. Unit has an “active” skill, long press it to activate the skill.
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Deck area - you can modify your deck/ add a new deck in this area. You can select the champion you want to play here. Champion skill description: deal 1 damage to a target. If this kills a minion, summon a fire elemental. Each deck must have 40 cards before you press confirm. Long press the card that you want and drag to the spaces in the deck. Use packs - every pack consists out of five cards. There’s a at least one rare, or higher rarity card in each pack. Every card has an 5% chance of getting its golden version.

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