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The Chosen one, you finally show up. Bring the light to us! The demon lord opened the door to hell, and countless dark creatures are madly flocking to the world, please help us! The prophecy once said that in the darkest hour, the chosen one will resurface in the world. Use the power of angels and demons to return the light to the earth!

Realm of Chaos Battle Angels hack

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You can beat these abyss monsters, which proves that you are still very powerful. But the front is occupied by a huge creature called Bechymos, you need to be careful. With the cover of darkness, monsters from the abyss climbed into our city. It’s time to kick them back into their abyss nest! You have basically acquired the angel force. By collection of angel star souls and activation of more angels, you will possess greater power.

Realm of Chaos Battle Angels cheats, hack codes

1. participate in the investment plan and enjoy 10 times the diamond rebate.
2. Purchase half a year card to upgrade VIP4, exclusive BOSS home.
3. Level 150 can challenge the exclusive individual BOSS, single copy to explore the best. Killing Boss at raid house does not require fatigure and can be an unlimited challenge. Challenge experience - encouragement and use of highly experienced potions can dramatically improve efficiency.
4.Class 170 opens the marriage system and make your eternal love pledge.
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Characters: mage - the controller of storm, fire, frost, lightning, all earthly elements. Berserker - the incarnation of power, the controller of the sword and the shield, the leader on the battlefield that tears apart all defenses.
Skills: Ground fissure - charges to unleash a blast of sword pressure, dealing 200% DMG to 6 monsters and 3 players within the range ahead. Crescent slash - slashes in a large area, dealing DMG to enemies.

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Guild notice: being offline enables you to level up still. Guard of guild grants masive Experience. Score from donation of gears can exchange other gears. Guild Eudemon Boss grants ultimate gears. Guild contest opens on day three, day seven of the new server launch and sunday. Fight to be the top guild across the servers.
Vip experience, become VIP to enjoy up to 18 exclusive privilege! Exclusive title, new nobility, increasing CP by 2000. Massive gold: purchase of the greedy treasury dungeon. Pet upgrade: purchase of the guard the barrier tower dungeon. Quick level-up, experience gain from mob kill +30% 0CN5YE - gold coins
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