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the invasion is over and combat forces have been withdrawn. Despite initial hopes of change, the region is unstable and the population feels neglected. The local government has asked you to lead an operation to stabilise the region. You have full responsibility for all civilian and military matters.
Set up your HQ - this will be the central civilian and military headquarters for operation “hopeful dawn”. Choose a location for your HQ (transport links are helpful) then press the button to begin.

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select a difficulty - casual: for new players or those wanting a quick game. Easy to engage locals, corruption slowed by positive thinking, insurgents struggle to co-operate. Normal - for experienced counter insurgency strategists. Brutal - fro strategic geniuses living in concrete bunkers. Extremely difficult to engage locals, corruption impossible to stamp out, insurgents backed by powerful sponsors.

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You can unlock all maps and governors just by playing the game on normal. If you want though, you can pay to unlock them instantly. You can choose from other governers once you have beaten Saffron fields once.

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