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Free hack Rebel Inc cheats code list - support, speed up , gold, promo ticket, intel, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Rebel Inc cheat world: after decades of wars, foreign interference, and political upheaval, it’s up to you to stabilise the region. Your operation is called “hopeful dawn”. You can choose your own operation name when you start the game. First, set up your HQ. Tap the indicated zone. Then tap the button to confirm your decision. The stability bar shows how you are doing. Reach 100% stability to win. Reputation bar - it shows the reputation of your operation. If it falls to zero, you lose. Stability depends on having supporters. Gain more supporters by winning the hearts and minds of the people.

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You can see how many supporters you have( and how many people don’t like you) here. You are not very popular at the moment. To get more supporters, you need to go to the operation screen. Let’s head to the civilian initiatives screen. Here you choose to fund initiatives that increase your support level. Initiatives apply to the whole region and are automatically built zone by zone. Services discussions - work with local people to understand their education, healthcare, water and sanitation requirements.

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Water supplies - provide a minimum standard of clean drinking water for communities. Increase support level, especially amongst hostile population. Bottom you can see your support level has slightly increased. Initiatives apply to the whole region - but are rolled out over time zone by zone. You can see how much money you have. Every month you will receive more funds. Hammers show that your teams are hard at work rolling out an initiative.
First zone is called Echo Victor. You can see how stable the zone is and how many supporters there are here. Improved water supplies will win more supporters over time.

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Intelligence lets you see what’s happening in a zone, and increases your effectiveness. Some initiatives will elt you gather intel. Head to the operation screen. Government initiatives improve the effectiveness of your operation, provide intel, and slow the spread of insurgent control. The district representatives initiative will gather intel over time, painting a clear picture of the situation across the region. District representatives - assign hopeful dawn representatives to individual zones so that they can wirk with community leaders and gather reliable information on what is going on. Gathers intel on zones over time.

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