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Rebel Cops Game story: about ten armed robbers burst into the centra offices of Azam & Sons Bank. They demanded entrance to the vault, but it looks like their goal isn’t just to make off with as much money as possible, but to show everyone what happens to businesses who won’t play along.
The bank’s owner, Danir Azam, is the only major enterpreneur in the area who refused to bow to Viktor Zuev, the mysterious criminal boss who has seized all of Ripton over the past few months. Zuev has sole authority in the town: he controls not only the businessmen, but also the local officials -and even law enforcement. Azam better not be couting on the the police to save his bank. They’re on Zuev’s payroll. Fortunately, we’re not exactly the police.

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Mode: hard - for those who are driven by righteous anger. Normal - for those who want to experience the game the way it was intended. Relaxed - for those who don’t want a serious challenge. You’ll get more equipment and more saves, you enemies aren’t so fierce, and the world isn’t so cruel. Life is beautiful.
Controls: a cop usually performs tow actions each turn. Moving a short distance takes one action. A cop can advance further, but this spends both his actions, and it’s usually dangerous to advance with abandon. A cop who stumbles over a criminal is a threat not only to himself, but to the whole operation.

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Objects that you can interact with are outlined. The different colors represent the types of objects and their importance to the mission. To move the camera, move your finger on the screen. Before entering the building, it’s smart to scope it out through the windows. You might see something that changes your plan. Every active object has an indicator. Select it, and you’ll see the things you can do with the object.
If a perpetrator notices comething suspicious from a distance, he’ll become worried and especially attentive. You can try to hide from him, but if you’re spotted by someone who is already suspicious, they’ll immediately raise the alarm.
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Strike the criminal in the head with a baton, stunning him for 2 turns. In situations like that, a knife works as well, if you’re willing to have that on your conscience. A cop can get the jump on a criminal and hold him at gunpoint for a turn. Full cover offers better protection from gunfire, but it also blocks your view. The closer your cop is to the criminal, the higher the chances that he’ll be able to convience the criminal to raise his hands.
Arrested criminals immediately disappear from the level and no longer cause you any problems - unlike dead bodies. Corpses remain lying on the ground, so sentries may notice them and raise the alarm.

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A locked wooden door can be kicked down, but this will attract the attention of any criminals nearby. You can also try picking the lock. One set of lockpicks is enough for one door.
Good thing the cop was wearing kevlar! He can take a couple shots before he can’t go on. Now your cop can fire back. Accuracy depends on how close you are, how good you are, and whether the enemy is out in the open. Gunfights are only for extreme cases. The noisy shots are sure to attract any nearby enemies. 8tOuoL - supply box
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