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The peace of this generation has ended. The Berkan kingdom in the north resurrected the evil god and sent Arcross continent into war. The three kingdoms nearest has formed an alliance to stand against the Berkan, but...Alas, this united power was useless compared to the evil power that the Berkan possessed. They faced an endless onslaught of evil creatures, and, there were those, who were fighting to protect the continent.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Class: Wizard - navi spell caster, command of the magic forces will damage enemies wider and harder. Slayer - human swordsman, mastery of dual blades will guarantee a dynamic and swift combat experience. Berserk - seral warrior, hunger for strength makes him a brutal fighter knocking down whoever on his way. Ranger - celine archer, fast and deadly arrows are accurate enough to kill enemies in distance.
cheat, Step #2: “!” - it’s update marker, it means game system sent you with something to upgrade. Press the main menu, inventory, supply category, press kingdom supply item icon to open the item information window, press the use button to use the item. When you get a potion, if the automatic use slot is empty, it will be registered automatically to slot. Equipment and other items can be used or sold in the same way.
Rebirth Online code, Step #3: You can equip or unequip the weapon in the item’s pop-up menu press the item. When you press the auto equip button, the better equipment than now will be equipped automatically.
You will be learning new skills at every 10th level and it will be equipped to the slot automatically. Skill menu - in here, you can check the skill list and change the equipped skill, and etc. If you learned skill via character level up, it’s available to use.
Step #4: If you have enough Ether and gold, you can level up your skills. In additional, a certain level is required to level up the skill. The skill has 2 part: active and passive. The active skills is used directly such as attack, the passive skill gives the additional ability of the character, increasing long term ability.

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