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Recontact London Game story: welcome to Canada, agent Knight. The guests have yet to arrive at the lodge and security are not yet expecting your presence. This will be the perfect time for the agency to test and observe your tradecraft. I trust you will have no problems completing your objectives. Let’s begin agent. Target - you can enter your scope by tapping on the screen. You can activate the instinct mode at anytime. Instinct mode will help you locate interactive objects and targets in the world.

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Use map screen to access the missions on the map. Your first mission is to use footage from the security cameras on the streets of London to track the mysterious, ghost like suspect who appeared from the locked doors of a bank at midnight, follow it, find out where it goes and discover its intentions. The locked icons at the top of the screen are new puzzles that will unlock as the story progresses. You will start with the CCTV puzzle.

Recontact London cheats, hack codes

Tap the pin that show where the ghost was first seen to select the mission. The investigation will deepen as you follow the ghost with the cameras and find out where it has gone. You will find the type of puzzle for the pin and resources you will win when you succeed in the side window. You will learn how they will help you when you find the suspect on the first security camera. Tpa the stat button to find the first image of the ghost and where it went. Find the suspects whose description is given on screen. The faster you do, the higher your score.
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You can access the suspect’s description by tapping on the description icon. identify the suspect who matches this description. The image is corrupted. You can spend your cyber resources to use your assistants. First use your noise reduction assistant to clean up the image. Make your task easier by using the suspect alert assistant, which sounds and vibrates when the suspect enters the screen. If you still find it difficult to find the suspect in the crowd in subsequent levels, you can directly target the suspect with the face recognition assistant. Tap the screen where you think the suspect is.

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E-mail: this screen shows the emails you receive that advance the story and give you information. You can access your first email in the tab to the left. You won’t be able open new puzzles that advance the story if you don’t read the emails. After reading the emails, go from the flashing task icon in the tab bellow the map and follow the ghost.
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