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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Red and Blue Cheats
100 shards - #gorLUHaNU
10000 gold coins - #l6EG5tgN4
100 source stone - #q3N1vcWJN
increase activity level - #bD5XIN4vb
500 diamonds - #8Uu8Fg9xo
packs - #Sc11i76aa
1 Month Card code - #Sc11i76aa
upgrade cheat - #EphhuHVXg
5 legendary cards - #pWSFBq1qx
free gameplay - #5aUzy7OYs
secret combination - #CoCoiDN7u
level up - #Gg2W3ifX6
artifact - #HB2zGTnPG
booster - #fGuWT0tYS
special reward - #hfAbvrxoX
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You are a pretty strong Linker. Not all of you manage to wake up. This world is full of opportunities as well as dangers. But before you go, i'm going to teach you the basic survival trick here: the link Spell.
Drag magic cube to the area you want to upgrade. The first time you upgrade an area to level 1 you will draw a free elemental to your hand. A level 1 area can only support one troop. You'll have to upgrade them to support more. Keep upgrading your areas and you will be able to summon more troops to your side.
Red and Blue Deck
Deck - it represents your troops and spells - all you can cast and summon in battle. You and your opponent will take turns to respond. Now, summon a troop into the battlefield. By default, troops can't attack just after being summoned. You will see a "Zzz" mark over the dormant troops. I'll let you summon one more troop into the battlefield now. At the beginning of every turn, you draw one new card from your deck. Your resource counter refills, and its cap increases by 1.
The sleeping troops on the field will also be awakened, and you can drag them and attack them. This is the attack number, and shows how much damage they deal in combat. When your troops are attacked, their DEF receives damage. Once it reaches 0, the troop is destroyed. Now use your link spell and drag your troops to attack the enemy! The battlefield consists of 6 areas in total, 3 per player. But at the start of a battle, each player will have only 1 at their disposal. You have to level the other areas up to use them to summon troops. Once per turn, you can spend 2 points of resource to upgrade an area.
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Hack Release Date07 September 2020
Last Modified07 September 2020
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