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Click to start attacking the Shadow templar and experience the wonderful story of the region of abyss. Left bar - this is your current energy, which can be used to release card skills. Select the single target attack card and drag onto the target to use the skill. Use these cards to destroy enemies. You don’t have enough energy, please click the button to end first round.

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Use defensive cards to block attacks! Drag the card to the middle of the screen to cast defensive skills.
The camp can provide a variety of service, and now rest and restore your energy to meet greater challenges!

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1. EtEnlnESnE - season pass
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Force: Lion heart legion - the legion gathered a group of soldiers who advocated strength and blood, and were good at violent attacks to destroy the enemy. Optional characters: barbarian, berserker, roloaded warrior.
Revenge tail feathers - it is a hidden underground organization. A group of girls who are good at using bows and poisons, usually wait for the prey in the most hidden place. Characters: ranger, jungler, windrunner.
Region of Abyss wiki
Barbarian - has an extremely strong body, and after each battle, he can recover a certain amount of health and put it into battle again. Talent - restore 6 HP after the battle.
Berserker - does not care the pain of the body, but instead returns the pain to the enemy. Talent - whenever you lose HP from a card, gain 1 focus.
Reloaded warrior - is good at using armor to protect himself, while using the shield to wait for the enemy to counterattack. Talent - the block value is no longer cleared at the beginning of every turn.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Dodge reduce all damage and HP reduction effect to 1.
  • More cards are not always good and a reasonable ratio is the key to victory.
  • Plated armor at the end of each turn, get black equal to amount of plated armor.
  • You can get the login reward by entering the check in interface for the first time each day. The second day login reward is the Berserker, as long as it is used properly, he will be very powerful. The 5th day login reward is 4 star stardust fragments, you can 100$ unlock a 4 star card in the summon interface. Do not forget to check login rewards every day.
  • If the card is still in your hand at the end of the turn, it will be consumed.
  • Consume - can only play this card once per combat.

Region of Abyss tips
Hack cheats tutorial Region of Abyss(wiki):
Upgrading cards will make them more powerful. Most cards can only be upgraded once.
Target with weary - block gained from cards is reduced by 25%.
Game Description: hundreds of equips and artifacts; 6 powerful classes in game; thousands of unique cards; build your own deck, choose your destiny in mysteries events.
Cards, equips, random mysteries events, choose your fighting style, discover the unexpected challenge in game. Beat hundreds of monsters to face the Blood Lord!
Use hack cheats code: red diamonds, legendary items, artifact, weapon, epic cards, secret rooms, gold, treasures.
Region of Abyss tutorial

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