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The war has been ongoing for years. We’ve been trapped in the abyss of wars and hatreds for so long that the world is on the edge of collapse. The sleeping devils are waking up. Follow me, young leader. I’ll show you the future of your race.

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Choose your race:Legion - if you are willing to hold a sword and a dream of conquest, here is something you must know. This time honored race is waiting for an eminent.
Elf - if you are strategy expert, fight for the elf king. You will have a powerful, fantastic and magnificent army.
Orc - if you were born strong and feel the call of blood, the grand chief is recruiting warriors. Prove yourself to him by a stunning victory.

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Mysterious land - in this land of wilderness, no one can survive from tornados and sandstorms.
Sigil of Deathfire - mutant giant mushrooms overshadow the sky in this land, leading to eternal night of the area.
Desert of Lizard - although once prosperous and thriving, the decline of the civilization turned the land into a dead desert.
Region of Dragon wiki
Build your base. The enemies can start a raid at any time. We need to train our troop fast. You have had a strong army, but an excellent army needs a great hero to lead. Tap the altar and recruit more heroes. You have spread a new hope over the land of Arthos! More and more heroes will come fight for you. You have done well in training troops. Now let’s select a leading hero for your troops. Then upgrade walls and enhance the city’s defense mechanism.

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  • Upgrade heroes, rally spot and technologies to increase march size.
  • You can perform manual operation in monster battles and campaign battles.
  • A plague has spread over the nearby land and is expanding more! Send your best troops to investigate it now! (enter the campaign and fight using your new troops setup).
  • Monarch equipment can be gained from killing monsters.
  • Troops in different races have different passive skills.

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Hack cheats tutorial Region of Dragon(wiki): You can reinforce your alliance members while they are fighting.
Each hero has a supporting skill that takes effect without having to select the hero.
Occupy the central city of the region to open the gateway to other regions.
You play globally with players from all over the world, building your own kingdom and training for battle troops of the three races: Orc, Human and Elf. Recruit classic heroes, gallop on magnificently diverse landforms and obtain rare ancient relics, making your kingdom truly eternal!
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