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Free hack Regions of Ruin cheats code list - legendary weapon, attribute points, gold, promo ticket, artifact, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Regions of Ruin cheat world: dwarves kin had led a golden age of complacency across the continent. The great centaur - human war, however, caused the dwarves to shun the overworld, their castle lords locked themselves into the mountains for centuries. When the Doors finally opened, ending centuries of silence, all was not as it should have been...
What the dwarves discovered was that the entire continent had changed, neither human nor centaur remained. The land, once peppered with goblin, lich, and kobold enclaves. The doors now opened, countless thousands of covetous eyes now turned to the undercities of the dwarves...

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Dwarven kin fought fiercely, but were soon exiled to the surface, enslaved, captured and ousted from their homes. Now, far from their mountain cores, far from their heritage, the dwarves slowly sought to reconquer the lands. With the dwarven race scattered, were refugees and vagabonds, it will take a hero to bring them together, and restore the once mighty dwarven kingdom.

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Controls: use E to interact with scenery and talk. Use E again to retrieve items from chest and weapon rack. Press E again to pick up items off the ground. Press I to open your inventory, or click the icon in the tool bar to see what items you have.
There’s an enemy ahead, make sure you equipped a weapon, you will need something to strike him with. Left click to attack, right click - to power hit, hold leftshift to shield. Smash stuff for resources.

Regions of Ruin wiki
There are some archers ahead, if you use your shield you can block their projectiles be careful, they will do a lot of damage otherwise. Pressing space while moving will dash, and can be used to avoid attacks and projectiles. Hitting an enemy from behind will do double damage, and avoid their shield, so you won’t get stunned.
The next enemy is facing the other way, you can sneak up to him without being seen, getting a surprise attack will go tremendous damage.
You’ve just wounded. Be careful, wounds will not let you recover your full health, you’ll need to see a physical. The next enemy is facing toward you, but you can use objects like crates, chests and rubble to remain concealed. You wont be spotted immediately if you aren’t under cover, you have a short window of time before you’re revealed.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You can double click, right click, or drag items to equip and move them around.
  • The throwing axe ability - hold down the mouse 2 to aim, and release it when you're ready to throw. Throwing axes can pierce multiple targets, and can also be used while sneaking to destroy scenery and make enemies suspicious.
  • Click on the map to explore a new region. The further away it is, the more food it will cost.

Regions of Ruin tips
    Tutorial Regions of Ruin(wiki) :
  • Attributes: dexterity - increases critical hit chance and damage. It also improves ranged attacks. Constitution - greatly increases your health and all of your resistances. Strength - increases melee damage, and your maximum stamina.
  • Remember to save your game in the esc menu (you can then use F5 to quick save and f8 to quick load.

Regions of Ruin tutorial
Building: Campfire - is where you train and upgrade your skills. It also improves how much area you can scout at one time. Use it to legendary weapon your skills, then open your map to begin exploring nearby regions (press M to open the map, and click on it to explore a new area). Use the tabs to switch between the different skill trees. Each tree progresses from left to right and specialises in a different form of combat. Large icons unlock different abilities, and you can toggle between them to chance the behaviour of your appropriate move. Smaller icons are passive bonuses, and once they are unlocked they will stay in effect indefinitely.

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