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Reign of the Ninja cheat world: welcome to the imperial tournament. I'm cheat-on. I'm the torunament coordinator. I'll be your guide throughout the tournament, giving you the instructions to follow so you have the best chance of winning. Above me you can see your total score and position in the rankings. To win the tournament, you have to get as many points as possible in each of the five challenges.

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With a little practice, you’ll be able to get the maximum score of 500 points! The most important thing though is to finish the tournament in first place so you can be awarded the ultimate prize: "100,000 gold coins!" Show your opponents who's the best ninja.
Targets in the form of hostage takers are hiding behind the bushes. You have to neutralize the enemies without hurting any of the innocent. The judges Ryutaro and Seiko will give you a score out of 20 for your precision and speed.

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Characters: Kei Ota (age 11) - is the son of Hiroshi Ota, the emperor of Japan. Despite his young age and lack of experience, he already has all the qualities of a great ninja. Olivia - is the best hunter in her village. Her nickname is "sharp eye" because she never misses her target. Blackstorm - is a warrior with a mysterius past. Some say he is possessed by evil. Ryoko - comes from the water village. her father taught her the rudiments of fishing when she was six.

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Blow - represents the air village. His mastery of the blowpipe has allowed him to join the "skyhunters" unit. Uso - is the only child in a family of miners. Like many children his age, he loves sweets and candies. Green - is a ninja chameleon. His commando outfit camouflages him well in the forest so he can go unnoticed.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Samurai and geishas - 10 samurai targets slide along a rail. Do you think you can hit them easily? There are 60 points to be won here. Angry sellers - 3 angry vendors suspect that you, young shinobi, have stolen something from their stalls. they are furious and throwing projectiles. Protect yourself by cutting through them with your saber. Houses in the sky - there are now 12 targets to hit in less than 2 minutes. With a little practice, you could reach the score of 60 points.

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Tutorial Reign of the Ninja (wiki): minecarf - ready for a trip in a minecart? Don't think you'll just be sitting there! Only your agility and reflexes will get you to the mine. Use your saber to slide through the targets that appear, along the dotted line. Cascading targets - here's your firts mission to get you used to handling the bow: there are 10 targets behind a waterfall. Can you hit them quickly and precisely? There are 40 points to be won!

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