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Game boasts a number of heroes that you can use in story quests and even in PvP battles in the game’s arena. Each hero has unique characteristics that define their combat ability such as their race, type, rating, stats, and skills. These are things that you can have to consider when purchasing heroes and selecting which heroes to deploy to battle. Should you save the planet by traveling through time and space? However, you are unexpectedly reincarnated as the Demon King, who is always defeated by the heroic warrior. What will you choose between God and Demon? Assemble six races: God, Demon, Fairy, Spirit, Human, and Sorcerer, to combat the mythological foes Thor, Hela, Hades, Athena, Lucifer, and Genghis Khan. To aid, mystic creatures of the five elements can be summoned by simply progressing through the stages. Allow yourself complete freedom to play and rule the battlefield with a variety of strategies.

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