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Greetings, aspring Emperor, I am Cheat-on, your guide through yellow & Yangtze. I will teach you how to build your empire through tile placement, overcome political rivals, and wage war on your enemies. You begin the game with 5 uniquely colored leaders, each representing a different aspect of building and governing your empire. Each leader is used to collect victory points in their color. Tap your dynasty icon to switch between your hand of leaders and tiles.

Reiner Knizia Yellow & Yangtze hack

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When a tile is played, it scores 1 point in its color for the player who has a matching leader in the same state. (more about states in a moment). Place a governor tile now. A leader may only be played in a space adjacent to a governor tile. Place your artisan leader in a spot adjacent to the governor tile. You have established your first state! A state is one or more adjoining tiles with at least one leader. You get 2 actions each turn. After taking your actions, your hand of tiles is refilled and the next turn begins.

Reiner Knizia Yellow & Yangtze cheats, hack codes

Your artisan leader grants you the ability to score points when playing artisan tiles to its state. Place an artisan tile in the stame state as your artisan leader to score 1 point. You can track the points you have earned in each color. Score 1 point in three different color to complete scenario. Your next move should be to play a leader that matches at least one of the tiles in your hand.
Another way to score points is by building Pagodas. Start by playing your farmer leader. Farmer tiles harvest rice and fish from the river. They are the only tiles allowed to be played in river spaces and can’t be played on land spaces. Unlike other tiles, any number of farmer tiles may be played for a single action! Play all your farmer tiles to the region northeast of the state you created.
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You made your first Pagoda! A Pagoda is created when 3 tiles of the same type are connected in a triangle. Crucial to empire building, a Pagoda scores 1 point in its color each turn, as long as you have a matching leader in its state.
Placing a trader tile allows you to pick a tile of your choice from the market. Emperor, a rival state encroaches on our territory. Its leader is represented by an OX, while our leaders are Lions. Remember, each player’s leaders are identified by a common symbol, and each player has a leader in each color. To win the game, you must score higher than your opponents. Your final score is your lowest value in one of the four colors.

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Remember that a player’s final score is represented by the value of her weakest color. The attacking and defending leaders gain 1 strength for each governor tile adjacent to them. 31L98J - supply box
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