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Free hack RemiLore cheats code list - skill, weapons, gold, promo ticket, dessert points, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. RemiLore cheat world: you are in Ragnoah - it is different from the world you know. I’ve been in deep slumber for a long time, so you game me quite a fight. I was so startled that i accidentally used my teleport to Ragnoah spell. I am the Grand Grimoire, with tens of thousands of magical Lores! You may call me cheat-on. Regardless, if you wish to return to your world, you must reach the portal. You will encounter a number of mecha monsters on your way to the portal. If you wish to live, you have no choice but to assist me. Before we face the mecha monsters, you’ll need to learn how to fight.

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Hit enemy with your broom. Use as much force as you can muster! You can dash over gap. If you look at the top left of your screen, you can see how many dashes you are able to do. If you press the B button, you will dash a short distance. But if you hold it, you will be able to dash over a longer distance. Use it wisely! I’m going to show you something remarkable. Let’s use one of blue potions. Did you witness it? That was my ultimate spell. My magical powers can be replenished if you use a blue potion, or one of the desserts that you obtain from mecha monsters.

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Before we enter the real battle, i will teach you a few more things. The HP bar displays character’s HP. If it reaches zero, hero won’t be able to return home. The Mp bar displays character’s MP. You must have enough MP in order to activate hero’s ultimate spell. Dash bar - you can dash three times consecutively. Dessert points - they’re used as currency to buy weapons or items. Icon displays which of hero’s ultimate spells you are currently equipped with. It changes randomly depending on your weapon. So the same weapons can have different ultimate spell.

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Ragnoah - it is home to research facilities that are managed by my master, and we created to foster peace and prosperity in this world. One of these facilities is the magical academy. It was built to research the origins of magical power, dimensions and celestial bodies. There is an invisible barrier around academy.

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