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Resident Evil Resistance Game Characters: Annette - brought on board by Alex Wesker after significant contributions to G-virus research. Skilled at enhancing and manufacturing creatures for experiment purposes. She controls the bioweapon, G-Birkin.
Daniel - when problems arise for Umbrella. Daniel Fabron makes sure they go away. Under the direct orders of Spencer, Fabron assist Alex with her research: building facilities, kidnapping subjects, and the occasiona experiment. He has a knack for controlling creatures.
Alex - responsibilities include acquiring subjects, carrying out experiments, and reporting findings to sponsor. Her acute foresight contributes to the frequent and effective usage of trap type devices to simulate virus mutation.

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Skills: Bioweapon G-Birkin - take control of the bioweapon, and hunt down survivors. Fury - reduces your next bioweapon cooldown if you exit early. Genetic mutation - Annette’s research increases the effectiveness of creature buffs. Recovery - restore HP to creatures hit by enhancer rounds. Zombie apocalypse - Annette uses her bio- chemical knowledge to make creatures more threatening. Hero efficiency - lowers the cost of creature cards by 1.

Resident Evil Resistance cheats, hack codes

Controls: Use the E.I.S. to lock doors and turn off lights to obstruct survivors. Use < > to select skill cards, and press X to use them. Use your traps, creatures, and bioweapon to stop the survivors from escaping before the countdown ends. Injuring characters will reduce remaining time. If the Survivors have not escaped by the end of the countdown, you win. Let us see what you are capable of. Move the camera to look at your surroundings. Spawn a zombie at the indicated location. Defeating or killing survivors will reduce the remaining time. Don’t hold back. Use a controlled zombie to defeat the survivor.
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Cease controlling the hero and return to camera mode. Opponents will respawn at the start of the era when killed, but the time they have remaining to escape will be drastically reduced. Unlock the exit of all 3 area in this facility before the countdown ends to escape. The Mastermind will try to stop you at every turn. However, extra time will be rewarded every time you complete a mission, destroy a trap, or defeat an enemy. Fight for more time to survive. Each character has a unique personal skill, use Valerie’s to mark nearby items. Attack the puzzle piece to the puzzle lock.

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